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CMCI in Arts and Humanities Week

CMCI has again played a leading role in King’s Arts and Humanities Festival which took place in the week beginning Monday 24 October. No fewer than 7 events were programmed by CMCI, including an exhibition, a concert, a dance performance and a children’s storytelling workshop. The theme of the festival is The Power of Stories – a topic Rosalind Gill, who has programmed more than a third of the festival’s events, says is at the heart of an interest in culture.

Staff from CMCI also played a staring role. CMCI’s Ruth Adams gave a lecture about storying heritage; Paul Sweetman introduced a photographic exhibition entitled City Portraits; and Nick Wilson told us about the story of the early music movement as well as performing in Playing with Authenticity. In a discussion about journalistic storytelling after the phone hacking scandal that rocked the world in 2011, Tim Jordan lead academics and scholars in a debate the role of the media in democratic societies and asking about the limits of storytelling in celebrity culture.

On 27 October Dr Brett Neilson of University of Western Sydney gave a lecture entitled The Proliferation of Borders. Dr Neilson is Principal Research Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Research at the University of Western Sydney, where he is co-convenor of a research theme on Cultural Economy and Globalization. He is the coordinator of the transnational research project Transit Labour: Circuits, Regions, Borders. Currently he is completing a manuscript (with Sandro Mezzadra of the University of Bologna) entitled Border as Methodfor Duke University Press.

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