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Congratulations Dr Uffer!

Sabina Uffer passed her PhD viva (with no corrections) yesterday (18th October). Sabina’s thesis was entitled ‘The Uneven Development of Berlin’s Housing Provision’, the following abstract gives an indication of the scope: Since the end of the 1990s, Berlin’s housing has been described by a transformation from state- to market-led provision, creating more socially and spatially segregated neighbourhoods. The underlying processes exacerbating and reproducing these inequalities have however rarely been addressed. This thesis investigates the question how the transformation of Berlin’s mode of housing provision generated particular forms of social and spatial inequalities. It begins from a state-focused approach to regulation theory and the related debate on the contemporary form of urban governance of the entrepreneurial city.

Sabina was registered at LSE, and Andy Pratt continued to supervise her when he moved to KCL. Sabina’s examiners were Prof Allan Cochrane (OU), and Prof Mark Goodwin (Exeter).

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