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Obama at the UN, pop music books, and “Ellington’s America” in paperback

CMCI Lecturer Dr. Harvey G. Cohen appeared on the BBC World Service’s programme “World Have Your Say” on Wednesday 21 September. The show is broadcast around the world, including in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and in the US on various National Public Radio stations. The broadcast focused on whether President Obama’s speech at the UN about Israel and Palestine represented the views of most Americans. Cohen only speaks for about 5-7 minutes, amidst other commentators and international callers. He commented on how the speech may affect the political situation in the United States, and made a comparison about Israel’s and Palestine’s use of the United Nations in their efforts to establish themselves as states (60+ years apart), and other topics. ‘To stream or download the show, go to this site, and on the right, you’ll see the shows listed, the 21 Sept show entitled “WHYS 60: President Obama’s speech on independent Palestine” is available for the next 5 days.

Cohen also recently penned a short article for InTouch, the King’s College London alumni magazine, discussing some of his favourite recent books about pop music history. It’s on page 7 of the magazine, you can read a PDF of the magazine. The story features an excellent picture of the legendary reggae group the Heptones.

Cohen’s book Duke Ellington’s America (University of Chicago Press, 2010), which had two printings and was named one of the best books of 2010 by the Washington Post, comes out in paperback and e-book next week.

And Harvey would like to take this opportunity to say “welcome aboard” to all the new incoming MA CCI and CMCI PhD students!

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