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National Portrait Gallery / CMCI Triple Bill

CMCI’s Dr. Richard Howells is giving a triple bill of events at London’s National Portrait Gallery. They all tie in with the gallery’s current “Glamour of the Gods”, an exhibition of studio stills from the golden age of Hollywood portrait photography. The events are:

1. A public lecture titled “From Actors to Icons”, showing how Hollywood portraiture turned actors into icons, and how the idea of stars as gods is deeply rooted in Western -and not just celebrity- culture. (11 August, 1.15 pm. Ondaatje Wing Theatre, free of charge, no need to book).

2. A gallery tour of the “Glamour of the Gods” exhibition. (11 August, 7 pm). Tours are free, but tour tickets are required and as this is a paid exhibition ‘a timed ticket must also be purchased.’ Tour tickets are available from 5pm on the day: first come, first served.

3. A “Philosophy Salon” event in which Richard Howells will be leading a discussion on ‘The Changing Nature of Celebrity’. (1 September, 7 pm, free of charge).

The National Portrait Gallery website for Glamour of the Gods is:

Richard Howells has a long-standing interest in visual culture and the celebrity image. He recently published his journal article “Celebrities, Saints and Sinners: The Photograph as Holy Relic” in Celebrity Studies, Volume 2, No 2, July 2011, pp. 112-130. ISSN 1939-2397

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