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Information war?

Recently hacking and politics has been in the news with Lulzsec hacking the CIA, the FBI and the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency. Dr Tim Jordan, director Masters in Digital Culture and Society, has been analysing events for Channel Four news and an international collaborative research project Culture Digitally.

Tim appeared on Channel Four’s evening national news discussing the sudden rise and sudden dissapearance of Lulzsec. Tim pointed out how despite Lulzsec’s sudden halting of their activities, others are likely to take their place. The news piece and Tim’s interview can be found here:

Culture Digitally is a group of researchers organised by Dr Tarleton Gillespie, Cornell Univeristy and Dr Hector Postigo, Temple University, that Tim particpates in. This project looks to explore how culture is produce in the digital age. The project has recently started a blog and Tim commented on the issues of information war, Lulzsec, Anonymous and the cyber-war worm Stuxnet.

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