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Tim Jordan Thinking Allowed on Radio 4

Dr Tim Jordan appeared on BBC Radio 4 programme Thinking Allowed Wednesday 4 May to talk about radical gardening. The host, Lawrie Taylor, discussed a new book about radical protest and its relations to gardens written by Professor George McKay of Salford University and Tim used his long experience researching protest and radical politics and his somewhat shorter experience as an allotment gardener to help look at the issues.

Professor McKay’s book covers the use of gardens as open sites for mass protest, the symbolism of gardens in making different worlds, the history of gardens and protest, but also the history of right wing radicalism in relation to the garden and organicism. Tim has published widely on popular radicalism looking at the politics of dance-music, the meaning of direct action and the radical politics of the internet. If you missed the programme it is available as a podcast by the BBC on the home site for Thinking Allowed.

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