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Lights! Tystnad! Azione!

CMCI’s Dr Bridget Conor travelled to Stockholm last week to participate in the European conference ‘Lights! Tystnad! Azione!: Practices, Sites and Careers in European Film Production’ hosted by Stockholm University. Bridget was invited to contribute to a discussion about screen production studies in Europe and her paper titled: ‘Production studies and creative labour: Investigating the work-worlds of British screenwriters’, discussed her ‘production studies’ focus and the insights and perils that come with focusing on particular careers in the study of creative labour.

A number of the contributors at the conference spoke about issues around creativity, careers and production work across a range of spaces and places from prop-makers in Berlin to directors and writers in Copenhagen. The keynote speaker, John T. Caldwell from UCLA, expressed a real excitement about the growth of production studies research in Europe, a field largely associated with Hollywood-centric production as his own extensive work on below-the-line crews and workers has done.

The conference offered a chance to establish a dialogue amongst scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, from film history to business and management studies. Many of those scholars are already members of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (who’s next conference is being co-hosted by King’s College in late June) and more discussions and collaborations will follow.

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