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‘What’s a stove doing there?’

An update from recent CMCI PhD graduate Dr Joaquim Negreiros sees him en route to give a paper at the Pacific Sociological Association annual meeting in Seattle.

His paper: ‘What’s a stove doing there?’ focuses on a visual text taken from GQ magazine and aims to identify an apparent discursive subversion performed through a particular visual representation of a woman’s body. The analysis is related to a wider study on representations of family values and practices which he undertook at CMCI under the supervision of Dr Richard Howells.

Joaquim says that the main concern in his paper is the complex – and potentially subversive – articulation between procreational and recreational sexuality in a representation of a woman’s body located in a men’s lifestyle magazine.

When not speaking at international conferences, Dr Negreiros is a post-doctoral researcher at University Institute of Lisbon, Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, in Portugal.

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