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Creativity & entrepreneurship: A fairy tale relationship?

Nick Wilson gave an invited talk to more than 60 entrepreneurship educators from across Denmark at the IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre, South Denmark University in Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, on 26th January. His fairy tale inspired theme ‘re-enchanting entrepreneurship’ included a critique of the individualised nature of creativity, a call for social creativity (the study of our relationship with others and with the ‘other’, in social value creation), and a discussion of what entrepreneurship education can learn from the arts. The attendees’ capacity for tolerating uncertainty and ambiguity (a key entrepreneurial trait) was challenged when Nick got everyone to sing. The event was notable for recognising a shift in thinking about entrepreneurship – not merely about new venture creation, business planning and the like, but embracing a particular mind-set for bringing new and valuable things into being. A happy ending for all, perhaps!

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