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London Cultural Resource

This will be interesting to those who research and are interested in the cultural economy and cultural policy in London.

This site was founded by Graham Hitchen, with the support of Tom Campbell and Alan Freeman.
All three have been closely involved in the development of cultural policy in the GLA family from its inception in 2000.

London Cultural Resource aims to provide a single site for the collection and collation of policy and research on culture and the creative industries in London, undertaken over the last ten years. It has been established by a small group of people who have been instrumental in driving public policy in this space since 2000 – whether at the GLA, LDA or independently.
London Cultural Resource aims to bring together a broad-based body of research and policy development, in order to help inform future policy-making. It does not pretend to provide an exhaustive list of resources. Rather, it is a heavily selective group of reports and publications which have helped to underpin cultural and creative policy-making in London in recent years, and which will be of particular interest to city policy-makers in the future.

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