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‘Rethinking the Cultural and Creative Economy of Cities’

Andy Pratt gave a paper at the International Sociological Association’s annual meeting in Gothenberg on July 12th. Andy’s paper was entitled Rethinking the Cultural and Creative Economy of Cities and was part of a panel called “Creative Cities” after the Fall of Finance as part of the RC21 strand (Urban Sociologies) that Andy co-organised with Michael Indergaard, St. John’s University (New York), and Tom Hutton (University of British Columbia).

Andy will be developing a proposal for a special issue of an academic journal to publish the papers presented at this panel. Other contributors were:
The Colours of Money: Art-Money as Cultural Production and Alternative Currency
Mark Banks (The Open University, UK)
Cultural Economy Planning in the Creative City: Toronto Case Study, Carl Grodach (University of Texas, Arlington, US)
The Golden Calf: Finance and Creativity in Contemporary London, Andrew Harris (University College London, UK)
New Forms of Regulation for the Cognitive-Cultural Economy: Two Experiences from Southern Europe
Marianna d’Ovidio (University of Milano-Bicocca, ITALY), Marc Miguel Pradel (University of Barcelona, SPAIN)
Changing Relationship between the Local Authority and Nonprofit Art Organizations in Creative City Yokohama after the Global Financial Crisis, Hideaki Sasajima (Tohoku University, JAPAN)
Creative City Strategies, Global Financial Crisis and the Importance of Local Contexts: The Case of Athens
Nikos Souliotis (University of Thessaly, GREECE)

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