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“A Definitive Anthology”

Richard Howells and Robert Matson’s Using Visual Evidence (Open University Press 2009) has received a sparkling review in the latest edition of the journal Film and History.

Highlights include:

“…two media historians—drawing upon years of detailed research—have compiled a definitive anthology. Clearly, Using Visual Evidence presents a unique interpretation of historical analysis where thirteen writers, under the editorship of Richard Howells and Robert W. Matson, offer strong ideas about a subject that is often overlooked.”


“Professors Howells and Matson have made many cogent arguments and their summation—that the visual is not mere illustration, but, rather, it is the evidence—contains many truths. With utmost care, these two editors have compiled a rich assortment of ideas that examine eclectic methods of understanding…. As a bellwether study, Using Visual Evidence tackles these issues head-on. With numerous illustrations, meticulous case studies, and selective photographs, Using Visual Evidence—a welcome breath of fresh air—is a wonderful addition to media studies. Every library needs a copy in its reference section.”

Richard is Reader in Cultural and Creative Industries here at CMCI, Bob is a professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

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