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Well Done Wendy

Congratulations again to CMCI’s recent PhD graduate Dr Wendy Burke. Soon after passing her viva at King’s College just before Christmas she was offered a temporary Lectureship in Film and Television Production at York St John University.

Since 1st February she has been teaching both practical production modules in Short Film and TV Production and theory on the Culture Industry module.

She has also been asked to be a guest speaker on the University’s MA Leading Innovation and Change programme, to talk about Leadership in the context of the roles of the film and television producer and director.

Wendy says that her professional production background, together with her academic credentials from King’s, provide the ideal background for teaching in both practical and theoretical contexts.

Wendy’s PhD thesis: “A Dutch occupation: The representation of World War Two in films from the Netherlands, 1962 to 1986”, analysed seven Dutch war films as reflections of the underlying concerns of Dutch society from the time the films were made, incorporating ideas on communal memory, the making and upholding of myths, cultural coping and the re-writing of history. Wendy’s doctoral study at CMCI was supervised by Dr Richard Howells.

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