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Keeping ITCH up to Scratch?

Artists working in any medium and writers expressing themselves in any form or genre are invited to submit work for the fifth issue of ITCH Online. The “theme” is: ?*

ITCH is a creative submissions magazine started by CMCI’s own Dr Mehita Iqani and Bell-Roberts Publishing in 2003. It features a variety of writing as well as visual and multimedia work. It is South African-born but internationally relevant.

Submissions are loosely categorised as MetaText (non-fiction, essays, polemic, book reviews and more), SubText (narrative, short stories, plays and more), PreText (poetry, experimental writing, sound art and more) and NonText (graphics, drawings, photography, film, animation and more). ITCH aims to create a space for creative expression and exchange; it is an experimental media project and submissions are open to anyone.

*For details, including an explanation of the mysterious “?”, go to: http://itch.co.za/submissions/

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