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Museums and Urban Regeneration

CMCI’s Professor Andy Pratt has been busy presenting ongoing work about museums and urban regeneration.

He recently presented a joint paper at a seminar at LSE, written with Corinna Dean and Caroline Donnellan of LSE Cities Programme, entitled ‘The Tate Modern: pushing the limits of regeneration’. The paper discussed a range of tensions created within and without the museum through the multiplicity of audiences that the modern museum has to appeal to. The paper will be re-written for a special issue of Cities, Culture and Society on regeneration in London in the last decade.

He also presented a paper entitled ‘The museum, the cultural economy and the creative city‘ at a conference ‘Museums, the cultural industries & social inclusion: outlining & unearthing alternative perspectives’ supported by DCMS and ESRC, and Leicester University held at the Sackler Centre of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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