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Welcome, Fernanda

Fernanda Fain-BindaWe are delighted to welcome Fernanda Fain-Binda as new member of the CMCI team. Fernanda, a Londoner whose family come from Argentina, has already brought enthusiasm and dedication to the new post of Arts and Media Liaison Officer, a role that will build on our existing strong relations with the cultural and creative industries. She’ll be working especially on our internship programme.

Fernanda was previously Administrative Assistant for the London Region of English Heritage, based at Kenwood House. A graduate of University College London, she is also a keen follower of music, fashion, film and cultural events. When not at work, Fernanda admits that she can be found: “marveling at Lady Gaga on YouTube and being hopelessly malcoordinated at yoga classes”.

Fernanda says: “Please feel free to drop me an email at to discuss your internship experiences or to arrange a meeting to discuss future opportunities”.

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