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Free Speech in the Universities

free-d-logo1Centre Director Dr Richard Howells is among the academics and students contributing to the new “Free D” campaign funded by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills and supported by the National Union of Students, Universities UK and the Guardian.

The campaign is intended to encourage students, academics, policy makers and members of the general public to join in the debate about whether free speech should be uninhibited or constrained.

Richard takes the view that truly free speech and debate are essential to the life of the university (and beyond), even though some may find this socially uncomfortable or politically inconvenient.

Along with Richard, students from King’s College London are included in the video sequences, together with fellow KCL academic Alex Callinicos, Professor of European Studies and the French Department.

MA CCI students may be interested in the way the issue is “framed” as well as in the actual content. In addition to YouTube and Facebook, you can see it (and even join in) on the project website http://www.free-d.org.uk and the Guardian microsite http://www.guardian.co.uk/free-d

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