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Managing Nicely

CMCI’s cultural management specialist Dr Lynne Nikolychuk has been more than a little busy lately…

She was the lead researcher for a report just published on “UK Independent Television & Film Sectors: Exploring New Collaborative (Business) Models”. The project was funded by the London Development Agency and supported by King’s Business Ltd. It’s been published by the School of Humanities at King’s (ISBN 978-1-897747-22-5). Her co-authors were Finola Kerrigan of the King’s College management department and Pamela Abbott of Brunel University. You can also see the report at:

Meanwhile, Lynne was co-author of a scholarly article on “technological objects and the adoption of technical product innovations” in the January 2009 edition of the Cambridge Journal of Economics. The article focused on transitions from analogue photography to digital imaging, and was a collaboration between authors from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, and King’s College, London.

Last month, Lynne and Pamela Abbott presented a paper on ICT-enabled organisational change at the OASIS conference in Paris, while they are planning to present another research a paper together on social network analysis in UK television broadcasting at the 3rd annual conference on Cultural Production in a Global Context: The Worldwide Film Industries in June 2009.

Closer to home, Lynne is also currently teaching two modules on cultural and creative management as part of our MA in Cultural and Creative Industries.

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