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Our friend Ricarda Ross at the School of Advanced Study is running a series of seminars in visual culture with the topical theme of Money Money Money.

The seminars take place in the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, Room ST 275, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, WC1B 5DN London. Two papers will be presented at the first seminar, on Thursday 29 Jan, 6.30 – 8.00pm:

Dr. Yair Wallach, “Money becomes Text: Gold and Paper in Palestine”

In what ways is money written or read? Does the shape of money matters to its use? I will address these questions looking at money in everyday life and high politics in late Ottoman and British ruled Palestine (1858-1948). The dramatic shift from gold coins to paper banknotes in Palestine provides an intriguing example of the abstraction of money and its de-materialisation, its becoming a text of sort. The paper will discuss these developments against Palestine’s textual and political economies, as well as the monetary theories of Marx, Keynes and Simmel.

Rebecca Ross (Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design), “Doing Visual Culture: Currency and Graphic Design”

I will discuss work produced with second year BA Graphic Design students at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design for a recent studio project centred around the theme of currency. While the student work itself approaches money from multiple perspectives and with a variety of interests and concerns, the main objective of this talk will be to present this studio project as one model for integrating visual design practice with intellectual agency.

RSVP so we know roughly how many people to expect.

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