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New Lecturer Joins the MA in CCI

Lost in CCI welcomes a new lecturer to the MA in Cultural and Creative Industries programme for 2008-9. Originally from Canada, Dr Lynne Nikolychuk joins us from the Department of Management, here at King’s College London. Previously she worked on the CMI (Cambridge-MIT) Digital Technologies Project at Judge Business School (JBS), Cambridge University, investigating the organisational impacts of digital technology on the photography, broadcast, and newspaper sectors. Her PhD is from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), which comprised a case study on the evolution of make/buy contracting for UK Independent Television (ITV). She is a visiting fellow at LSE and a senior visiting research associate at JBS. Her research interests focus on how organising practices change over time within the media sectors, particularly in relation to ongoing digital technology developments. Presently she is conducting a study to investigate how new organising forms of collaboration (business models) are emerging from current market conditions for UK Independent television and film producers.

Lynne will be offering two new optional modules on the MA in the coming academic year: “Cultural Management: Theory, Structure and Process” and also “Cultural Management: Individuals, Groups and Organisations.” Well be putting all the details in our forthcoming student handbook. Lynne will also be strengthening our existing links with practitioners in the cultural, media and creative industries.

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