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Visual Culture in Chinese

visual-culture-chinese-cover-small.jpgDr Richard Howells’ Visual Culture is now available in Chinese. The book was originally published in England and the United States by Cambridge’s Polity Press. Now, the Guangxi Normal University Press have published a 2007 edition in Chinese simplified characters. The cover remains very similar, though, with a digitally re-worked version of Jan Van Eyck’s “The Arnolfini Marriage” from the National Gallery in London. Originally published in 2003, Visual Culture has now been re-printed three times in English, and is a set book for Dr Howells’ visual culture course for the MA in Cultural and Creative Industries.

2 thoughts on “Visual Culture in Chinese”

  1. My name is Maria Xagorari. I am a painter living and working in Syros, Greece. I am currently reading “Visual Culture” in English and I am very enthousiastic about it.

    I came across this web site during a web search to find out whether it has already been translated in Greek. I own a school for painting and would be very eager to be able to teach out of “Visual Culture”. In case it has not been translated, I would like to be informed in order to give it a shot with editors here.

    Would you be kind enough to let me know where to look?

    Kind Regards,

    Maria Xagorari


  2. Dear Maria,

    Thanks very much for this and your kind remarks. The person you should contact is:

    Reitha Pattison
    Rights & Translations Manager
    65 Bridge Street
    CB2 1UR

    With best wishes,

    Richard Howells


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