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The Grand Tour

Current MA CCI student and Tate Britain intern Anna Chatziangelidou writes:

“I was walking near my house yesterday when I suddenly saw a Rembrandt painting hanging on a public wall on Rose street, Covent Garden. Later that day, I had a cup of tea at Maison Bertaux in Soho and there it was again. Not Rembrandt this time, but a a huge Turner painting staring at me on Greek street.

“The project is called The Grand Tour, and is a collaboration between the National Gallery and Hewlett Packard. Almost forty high quality reproductions of fine art are turning West End into a giant gallery, and the result is quite astonishing (well, it was for me!)

“There are also designed specific theme tours such as The Heavy Hitters Tour, the Lovers’ Tour (that’s a smart way to impress your first date, boys!) and The Lunchbreak Tour.

“Although I am not a fan of galleries that exhibit reproductions (such as the project in Amsterdam I presented at a seminar earlier this year), I think this is something a bit different and it caught my attention instantly.

“I’d be interested to hear your comments and thoughts, so please leave a message below or email me. Many thanks! Anna.”


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