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Wei-Chia Hsu

Lost in CCI was at the famous TV studios in Teddington (south west London) today, visiting current CCI student Wei-Chia Hsu. Wei-Chia is shown above in the editing suite at the Chinese Channel, which is where he has been doing his internship. As well as learning some of the technical aspects of editing news bulletins, Wei-Chia has been working with an international mix of people from Hong Kong, mainland China and the Phillipines, all helping to deliver Europe’s biggest Chinese-language TV station. Lost in CCI was given a guided tour of the building, including the newsroom, where Wei-Chia regaled us with a story about a fly interrupting an important piece of filming and studio staff having to try and swat it with rolled-up newspapers. We suggested that they send the footage to Jeremy Beadle asap.

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