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Members of CCI are probably too sophisticated to admit this, but this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was as gripping as ever. More than that, the “political” fall out (allegations of block voting, for example) has been even more entertaining than the habitual kitsch. What is extraordinary is the way that people are taking this so seriously. I’ m not joking when I say this would make someone an excellent PhD project. Why do people care so much about not only who wins, but also the manner of their victory? We used only to talk about Eurovision in terms of irony and taste, but now the conversation is turning to popular geopolitics. One thing’s for sure: this isn’t a song contest.

Dr Richard Howells

PS: Thank you Malta, GC, for the 12 points.

2 thoughts on “Eurovision!”

  1. If only I’d thought of that when I was picking a PhD topic!

    Perhaps CCI should approach Eurovision and make a joint a bid for an AHRC collaborative research award?



  2. It really would be a great topic -but I shudder to think of the tabloid headlines if they (mis)construed that were were offering of Doctorate in Eurovision Studies!

    Meanwhile, I read that the voting system is being raised in the Commons as an early day motion. And if that were not enough, former winner Nicole thinks that Germany should withdraw from the competition altogether.

    Dana, I note, is maintaining a dignified silence.



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