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Creative Workers in a Global Economy

[from press release]

Creative Workers in a Global Economy – new publication
“To all those with an interest in Communications Studies, Media Studies and Cultural Studies.

“We are proud to announce the publication of Volume I No 1 of this new
international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. Also
published independently as a book entitled The Spark in the Engine:
Creative Workers in a Global Economy in association with Merlin Press
in the UK and Fernwood Publishing in Canada.

“Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation brings together insights
from the fields of Political Economy, Communications Studies, Labour
Sociology, Gender Studies, Economic Geography, Trade Union Studies
and Development Studies to further our understanding of the new
international division of labour that is emerging in a global
knowledge economy.”

To find out more or to subscribe, go to
and take advantage of our special introductory rates

Or to read online go to

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