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Review/Recommendation for “Caroline, or Change” at the National T.

A Nice Change – “Caroline, or change” at The National Theatre (Lyttelton)

If you want to see a musical that is slightly different from the commercial razzmatazz of the standard West End blockbusters, take a trip over Waterloo bridge and head to the National and see “Caroline, or change”. It is refreshingly different musical which I found very enjoyable.

This a review of it (that I wrote of it for another purpose) which I hope gives you a feel for the piece:

“Such a simple story and yet all that surrounded it, its thorny context (especially following Hurricane Katrina), acting and staging makes this new musical worthy of all the accolades that come its way.
The fact that the hidden weight behind the story was communicated so clearly through a simple everyday dilemma is testament to the show’s direction. The complex realities of the strong supporting cast’s personal stories could have appeared a mess of unrelated asides, but thanks to George C Wolfe’s careful direction they were clearly communicated in support of the central storyline. The audience followed step by step on the undulating morale journey that Caroline takes thanks to the understated, yet exceptional, Tonya Pinkins. The design complimented the situational complexities of this dynamic story well, although was over-intricate at times. Musically a refreshingly vibrant and imaginative score faultlessly performed, affirms the importance and unquestionable quality of this production.”

If anyone goes, I would be interested to know what you thought. If you go and don’t enjoy it, then you didn’t get the recommendation from me!


P.S. For cheap tickets buy your tickets on the day of the performance, then you can get a stand-by ticket which gets you some money off the ticket (I paid £18 pounds). It may be worth phoning the box office before to find out when their less busy days are and hence these are the days when you are most likely to get a stand-by ticket so that you don’t turn up before the show to be told they are sold out! (Stand-by tickets usually go on sale 2 hours before the show).

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