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Scott Walker

(Posted by Ralph)

I saw the new documentary about Scott Walker at the NFT yesterday (part of the London Film Festival). Highly recommend that you try and catch this when it comes out on general release in maybe Jan/Feb. For those who don’t know, Scott is one of the greatest and most distinctive recording artists of all time. He became famous in the 1960s as part of a band called the Walker Brothers (who weren’t brothers, and none of them were called Walker). They inspired almost as much screaming adulation as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. But then the band split and Scott proceeded to release a series of hugely admired and influential solo albums – lush, moody, melodramatic arrangements of Jacques Brel songs and other pieces that mixed the French chanson tradition with Broadway and his own unique sensibility of tortured sophistication. Scott always felt uncomfortable in the limelight and now only very rarely releases records. He hasn’t performed live for decades, and hates giving interviews. So this film is an amazing achievement. It features some great archive footage and interviews with people like David Bowie (who is the film’s ‘executive producer’), Jarvis Cocker (who was produced by Scott), and various people who worked with Scott in the 60s and 70s. Pity I had to leave the cinema for a meeting half-way through the film….

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